Intraday Trading For a Living

Should You Intraday Trading For a Living?

The answer should be “BIG NO”. You should not intraday trade for a living. Here are the reasons behind it by NIFTY Trading Academy trailblazers. 1) You will fail You might have heard about failure % among traders. It could range from 90-95%. Still there are many traders who want to step into stock market. Read more about Should You Intraday Trading For a Living?[…]

intraday trading secrets

Intraday Trading Secrets for Beginners

Intraday Trading Secrets : Intraday Trading means positions in Market are held only for a short time; in general the trader opens and closes a position the same day. This concept of intraday day got a bad status during 1990 when beginners used to trade, jump onto new trading platforms without using experienced trading strategies. They Read more about Intraday Trading Secrets for Beginners[…]